Lennon for Boone County | Democrat for Southern District Commissioner
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Meet Brianna

Boone County is a great place to work and raise a family. As a Commissioner, I want to work to preserve our mix of urban and rural communities as we continue to grow.

A former Missouri Assistant Attorney General, Democrat Brianna Lennon specialized in the prosecution of fraudulent companies. Returning thousands of dollars to consumers, she knows first hand that transparency is the best way to protect Missourians.

Graduating with honors from Truman State and earning two graduate degrees – a law degree from Mizzou and Master’s in Public Policy from Truman School of Public Affairs, Brianna lives in Columbia with her husband Scott, also a Mizzou grad, and their 1-year-old son Ryan.

Brianna, Scott and Ryan

Ethics Reform

As Boone County continues to prosper, organized special interests have become more interested in influencing our government. My first order of business will be to ensure those who seek to influence our commission must do so in the open by requiring:

    • Lobbyists to register with the County and place online
    • Anyone paid to influence an ordinance or regulation to declare so in writing before providing testimony or communicating with county employees
    • Disclosure/Ban of gifts or meals from lobbyist or contractors

Transparency and Accountability

Create the County Accountability Portal (CAP). Boone Citizens deserve a county government that is accessible, open, uses technology to improve services and provides more information to our citizens. The CAP would place online, in an easy to use searchable format:

      • All Boone County contracts, financial reporting, and let citizens see “the checkbook” by putting expenditures online
      • CAP will also link any financial cost associated with a contract together allowing citizens and journalists to get a complete picture of Boone County operations in one location
      • Information once available only by sunshine request will now be available for free online and available 24 hours-a-day

Protect Our Citizens

Criminal organizations are increasingly operating in the cyberspace. Now is the time for enhancing the cyber crime fighting capabilities of the Boone County Sheriff's Department by increasing support to the Sheriff Department’s Cyber Crimes Task Force. The increased funding

    • Support pro-active efforts to prevent identity theft of our seniors and youth
    • Increase capacity of the Cyber Crimes Unit to investigate crimes against children
    • Increase the capacity of the Cyber Crimes Unit to coordinate with other agencies – targeting organized identity theft rings..

County Drug Monitoring Program

I will make it a priority to establish a county drug monitoring program to combat the opioid epidemic destroying the lives of Missouri families. No family should lose a loved one to opioid abuse and we can no longer afford to wait for the Missouri legislature to act. Missouri is the only state without a drug monitoring program and it is time that Boone County leads the way in keeping our families safe and healthy.